Audio Interview Assignment for The Glass Castle (by Jeanette Walls)

Teacher: Sharon Peters
Academic year of 2006-07

Assignment Description

Students will create an audio interview based on themes and characters found in the memoir, The Glass Castle. The students will first research themes that are present in the book and create interview questions based on their research. The questions must reflect all six levels of Bloom's taxonomy of cognitive objectives.

Working alone or in groups, the students will have a choice to either create a fictionalized interview of characters present in the book or they may interview a subject matter expert of a topic or topics that are present in the book.

Rubric for Research and Questions

The Glass CastleAudio Interview


  • To find and use appropriate research information that will inform interview questions for the assignment
  • To create questions that represent the six different levels of information (Bloom’s taxonomy)
  • To learn the skills for audio interviewing
  • To select and edit audio sections that are appropriate to broadcast
  • To choose appropriate music that complement the intro and extro to the interview
  • (If fictionalizing) To respond appropriately to create an effective, informative interview


  • laptops, computers
  • microphones, headsets, audio digital recorders
  • audacity software
  • library, Internet
  • garageband software
  • handouts on interview questions